Letter from Star

Officers and Servicemen of the United States Armed Forces, Federal Officials of the United States of America, State Officials of California,
to whom it may concern:

Re: The release of Charles Manson

As I am sure you realize, Charles Manson is not the average inmate seeking parole. He does not play the act of a remorseful, beaten down soul (of which is a known requirement in order to be granted parole, regardless of guilt or innocence). Manson is a self-aware political prisoner, whose trial and incarceration by the California Department of Corrections are, in fact, illegal according to the Constitution of the United States.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of "Manson supporters" worldwide, including people of all age groups, and all walks of life. Each of these people see through the media-created image surrounding the true Charles Manson. What is the reason for this increased support? This man is honest, righteous, and a true servant to all life on planet Earth.

I began correspondence with Mr. Manson about six years ago. For the past three years, I have been in touch with him on a daily basis. I know a handful of people who have known Manson for decades, and many others who've become familiar with him in recent years. Everyone who knows Charlie, knows that what is represented to be him on television, in movies and books, is completely fictional. In other words, the "real-life" Charles Manson is nothing like what the media portrays him to be, and we who personally know the man, are sure of this.

That being said, Charlie is trapped in a 'catch 22' of sorts. You can't tell anyone anything if they've already decided in their minds that you're crazy. My goodness, what kind of a person would form such a solid opinion about a man, when all they know about him is what they've heard from the television? Suppose someone took a photo of your grandfather and broadcast it over the evening news for two years in a row, saying negative things and weaving a fictional story in the minds of all the people who watched it. No one's going to believe you when you tell them that your grandfather is nothing like what they've been saying about him, even though YOU are the one who actually KNOWS HIM! You cannot overcome the television in the minds of the masses. To quote General and President George Washington, "When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly."

At one point during Mansons' 1997 parole hearing, he loudly stated, "I did not have anthing to do with killing those people, period!"

On a news special some years later, (complete with spooky background music) the video clip from the above mentioned instance was featured, conveniently, to show Manson saying, "killing those people". This is a typical example of the untrue representation of my loved one, and I have seen it happen many, many times.

Over the years, I have become aware of countless evidence and proof that Mr. Manson was denied his rights in court, slandered and railroaded by the prosecution and the media, and has therefore spent the past forty years enduring heavy discrimination as a political prisoner. Myself and others have been documenting and collecting this proof. At the same time, millions more people are becoming aware of these same facts by listening, for the first time, to the man who was not allowed a defense in the court which convicted him. Manson was denied his constitutional right of self representation. The Court claimed the reason for this denial was due to "outlandish" and "nonsensical" motions. I am not bluffing when I say: let us review the COMPLETE trial transcripts, and we will see who was nonsensical, or shall I say, illegal. Charlie was motioning, among other things, for the right to have access to the law library, to be allowed contact with his contemporaries on the outside, and for a gag order to be lifted, allowing him permission to personally communicate with the media. (Wouldn't you want the chance to speak your side of the story?)

The attorney who prosecuted Manson, Vincent Bugliosi, has a documented history of perjury, fabricating evidence, coercing witnesses, and paying off more than just a few people in exchange for silence or a change of story. His methods were no different in the way he achieved the conviction in the 1971 Tate-LaBianca murder trial, which in turn has gained him power and fortune.

My purpose in writing this is not to rehash all of the conspiracies and wrongdoings of the past, but rather, my message to you all is this: For Gods' sake, let this man up! If you recognize ANYTHING at all greater then yourselves, be it the Holy Ghost, Karma, or just plain morality, you must do right by Charles Manson. He has unduly suffered a lifetime under idiocy, incompetence, and downright injustice. I believe whole-heartedly that, given the opportunity, Manson has a unique wisdom to offer our world society which is essential to the survival of the planet and its people. You, whom I've addressed this letter to, you know that we are all in deep over our heads.

Charlie is my dear friend. I know him to be a gentle and concerned soul, who has no bad towards anyone. He has always walked a strict line of honor. He has never done harm to any innocent being! Deep sorrow fills my heart because I cannot play music with Charlie. We can't enjoy the forest together, or do anything but sit at a table in the prison visiting room, for that matter. He is 76 years old this year of 2010. I reach out to the person who has the power to bring justice for him, however unconventional it may seem.

On my Life,



  1. I love your letter star. It's very deep.

  2. Very beautiful Star, I agree whole heartedly.

  3. It was 130 degrees at corcoran a few weeks ago. I didn't know the human body could withstand that kind of heat. Is this not literally hell on earth? He has suffered enough. Matthew...

  4. Wow Star, you took the words right out of my mouth. This beautiful person known as Charlie needs to be out of our jails HERE AND NOW!! Isn't it amazing how our society "jails" up the beautiful but allows the ugly to "roam free". I would welcome Charlie back into our lives wholeheartedly, but I'm not sure that most of our society deserves him. And, to be honest, I get quite afraid sometimes that if he was let go he'd be shot on the spot. There is just so much fucking hate that I'm not sure this beautiful being would be safe. However, I will write a letter and will encourage my children-who I have been discussing Charlie with some time now-to do the same.

  5. star-your love shines through this wicked and depraved generation and i know there will be no balance of life nor order in this world until this grave injustice has been brought forth into the light of a new day.this is the beginning of the new american revolution which our forefathers laid down in the constition and so many soldiers have fought and died for.Charles Manson was illegally tried and convicted and denied his constitutional rights in a court of law.it is nigh time that WE THE PEOPLE exercise our god given rights and put an end to this travesty and what good is it if Amnesty International will not consider the most blantant and painfully obvious example of a true American political prisoner?

  6. It couldn't have been said better. You truly capture the spirit of the man you love and support. He is truly hated and despised by people everywhere; based on the pretence of murder. Everyone wants to point the finger at him, and breed hateful generations of new people who think with the same ignorance. He is being crucified for the actions of his friends; he had a voice that people found direction in: Why shoud he be imprisoned all his life, for the actions of others'? I truly feel that his trial was flawed, to say the least. I feel that he is portrayed as an evil, heartless devil: Anyone who believes that he IS what he was portrayed to be, should do their own research on him. Don't assume what you see and hear is fact, if you do you are sure to find that you have been lied to.

  7. I am with you Star
    since I have spiritually met Charlie my life has changed
    we need him out

  8. Thanks Star for your support. You are a wise and enlightened person, who is clearly aware of the worlds troubles. Your wisdom is a reflection of Charley’s. Your insight is as needed and relevant as Charley’s.

    Also I thank you for being Charley's friend. He, like all things living, needs to feel loved.

    Thanks for your words. And efforts.


  9. Star,
    My name is autumn kestner. I am a 15 year old girl. My entire life I was told that Charles Manson was an evil man. I wanted to find out for myself. I wanted to know about him. I found myself loving the heart of this man. I found myself listening to his music 24/7. My parents were against my infatuation with Charlie. But I can't help myself but to keep believing that he will get what he deserves to be free from Corcoran. He cares so much about the world and about ATWA. He ispires me to help the world. I will do my best to help you and Charlie. To be honest, my dream is to meet him one day. If he would do me the honor. You can believe i will do my best to send a letter.
    Sincerely, autumn kestner. <3

  10. Very well said star thank you Charlie has my support as well.

  11. Charles may not need our love but damn sure needs support, how can they keep this man locked up, when think about it hes imprisond for being a remarkable, insightful, very sharp man, let him and spread the fuckin word...before the light goes oust....much respect goes out to ya Charles, keep your head up brutha---Justin C, Oklahoma

  12. My letter to RCMN goes in the mail box tomorrow morning!