The Release Charles Manson Now Project

* People have been asking me if I am still collecting these letters - Yes I am still collecting them.  There is no cut-off date for this project.  Please send your letters, thanks.
- Star, June 2013

* I know that there are literally thousands of Manson Supporters around the world. This is a project that EVERY PERSON can easily participate in. The goal of this is to obtain a surprisingly large number of letters supporting Charles Manson and his release from Corcoran State Prison. We will openly present this collection of letters to the State of California and to the World.
4Please send one letter per person to:

P.O. Box 303
Corcoran, CA

4It would be beneficial to include a little information about yourself in your letter (age group, occupancy/hobby) in order to show the diversity of Manson supporters. This project is for all ages, all languages, all people.
4This will be similar to a petition, in the sense that you will need to include a valid name and address. Your information will be kept confidential.
4Please put this link and information up on your website and spread the word to everyone you know.

When you write your letter supporting the release of Charles Manson, feel free to use this as an example:

Officers and Servicemen of the United States Armed Forces, Federal Officials of the United States of America, State Officials of California,
to whom it may concern:
We KNOW Charles Manson was not given his rights in a court of law, and that he has been illegally incarcerated by the California Department of Corrections for the past 40 years. This blatant injustice will no longer be tolerated. Thousands of people around the world understand that Manson has been illegally tried in and by the media. He is obviously a political prisoner.

We are seeking JUSTICE for Manson, and justice for our planet Earth. Manson is an honorable man, with much insight and wisdom that is recognized by a great number of people of all ages and cultures. We the people are demanding that Charles Manson be released now. I support the immediate and unconditional release of Charles Manson.

Signed, ...................
(name and address)

If you need motivation to get going and send your support letter,
think of it this way: Anyone who does not show their support for Manson at this time is part of the problem that is keeping him locked up and mistreated!

We must show our numbers now. We can prove the peoples' support for Manson. Has your life been touched and inspired by Manson's words, music, and art? Let's all get together and do something about the injustice that is covering up this beautiful and wise being.

Again, write your letter to the officials, but send it to me at
RCMN, P.O. Box 303 Corcoran, CA 93212 so they will all be collected together. Letters from all countries will be presented to the State of California and to the World.
We need every person to do their part, and that means YOU!


  1. He is innocent until proven guilty, He was never PROVEN guilty..... So WTF? free him 100%

  2. It is so clear that hes innocent, It s just the media, they just look at the faults of Charles, he wasn't there at the murders, there is proof that he is guilty, the judge took the word of the girls/Tex that did the murders, they are the murders, if i told someone to jump of a bride and they do it, am i a murder? It just doesn't make sense

  3. * there is no proof * sorry for the mistake

  4. Must you be eighteen to write a letter or does any age count? My husband and I have wrote ours, but our son who is 13, would like to write one also in support of Mr. Manson. Is that OK??

  5. Of course, that sounds great! There is no age limit, and there is also no language requirement. Any age, any language, all people! thanks

  6. Dose Charlie WANT to get out??? Alot of ppl wont write a letter, Because they think it will be a waste of time and papper, If he dosent want to get out.. Let us know Star! Thanx :)


  7. HELL YES, he's tired of this crap! I wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't ok with it. Release is different than parole, to be a little more specific as to what we're trying to do.

  8. Here are some quotes by Bobby Beausoleil, just to give you an idea on what you'll find there (I had these copied and pasted already in a file - exactly what dialogue page i found it on Ill have to look again)“the Vincent Bugliosi book bears little resemblance to the truth as I know it” -
    Q: There were things written on the walls at the scene of the murder. What was the reason for this?
    A: The idea was that Gary had hung out with extreme leftist people, and I thought—and of course in retrospect this is all really stupid—that maybe I could lead the police off the trail, and make it look like he had been killed by one of the radical groups."
    Bobby Beausoleil on Helter Skelter theory : "- I guess because I know the truth, to me that explanation seems ridiculously simplified. How can anybody not see through that? Murder by Beatles records—this is what happens if you listen to Beatles records and take LSD!? What could be a more blatant attempt to discredit the youth movement of the '60s than that? To use that theory as the basis of convicting these people stretches credibility to the breaking point."

  9. Thank You! These are great resources, I'll definitely be saving all of this stuff. And yes, writing about how Charlie has changed our lives with his spirit and insight is something that should be included for sure..

  10. Here is another - go to , then click on August 2005, scroll down to "About the State's Star Witness" - there is testimony there from a woman who testified that Kasabian is a known liar. Here is the first line of the entry - "Ms. June Emmer questioned by Irving Kanarek (August 3, 1970) out of the jury’s presence due to being a conditional witness that may not be able to testify later:"
    Take a look, a show this to as many people as you can, more people need to see what the news will not show. The truth is there we just gotta shine the light on it.

  11. Aaron Stovitz(one of the prosecutors) admits Charles Manson was wronged: - January 2006. Entry "The Tides of Fate"

  12. Didn't Charels Watson take all the responsibility for the murders?

  13. Yes he sure did. Interesting how conveniently Watson was swept away to Texas in '69 for a seperate trial. They put the man who was actually responsible out of sight and threw Charlie up there on the newspapers and TV. Did you know that when the famous "Life" magazine issue (Dec 19, '69) came out, the pretrial had just barely started? Charlie was executed and buried before he was even arraigned.

  14. I think this could help!

  15. whoops, the video was not there anymore.....

  16. Vincent Bugliosi gets his mistress pregnant, makes her agree to an abortion, finds out she never went through with it, breaks into her apartment and beats her up. Proof : Press Release, LOS ANGELES PRESS CLUB; May 7, 1974; 11:00 A.M. Reprinted at, June 2006 Entry : "Bugging Installment One" (youll have to read through a few of the account of Bugliosi's other wonderful deeds before it gets to him beating his girlfriend).

    Second entry (from same blog) "BUGging Installment EIGHT Actual Police Report Regarding the Actual Bug" - Here is a quote from that entry "While beating her, he stated such things as “I’ll break every bone in your body – this will ruin my career.” --- You will have to search the blog(upper left hand corner) for this second entry - Use "Virginia Caldwell" for the search.

    Its strange how things like this dont end up in all of those documentaries, isnt it ?

  17. MISPRINT ! Thats use "Virginia Cardwell" for the search. Im sorry about that !

  18. I had seen a clip of Doris Tate, Sharons mother, stating that she knew that helter skelter was a concoction of the DA and that Sharon was a victim of circumstance. Frykowski and Folger were targeted for humiliating and sodomizing a competing dealer who they invited to a party at the Polanski residence while Sharon and Roman were still in Europe. Does anyone have a clip of this or know where I can find it?

  19. Some of Bugliosi's perjury/payoff/slander newspaper clippings are posted at the Truth on/Tate/Labianca forum as well as the Manson Case File site.

    Nobody talks about it being Charles Watson’s massacre. That’s the boy who killed seven people. But the media associates the name Charles Manson. He (Manson) made the the cover of Life (Magazine). He is the man that you associate with killing Sharon Tate. Many people don’t even know the name Charles Watson, because you’re not supposed to know it.

    "Right now there’s a hung jury in Los Angeles on the decision of whether Charles Watson is guilty of murdering seven people. He was in the home. He did the stabbings, but the jury can’t decide if he was guilty.

    — Political Researcher & Historian Mae Brussell, 1970

  20. I also wanted to post how people should include in their letters how career criminals and murderers were given immunity to their crimes to testify against Manson. Of course if you give people immunity they will LIE. People have even said that Linda Kasabian helped plan the murders because of her infatuation with BeauSoleil. But, she went home a free woman.

  21. No man survives when freedom fails, The best men rot in filthy jails, And those who cry 'appease, appease' Are hanged by those they tried to please.":

  22. Kasabian walked on murder when it's said she helped plan, Atkins was convicted of the LaBianca murders for being in the car, Clem was in the car but wasn't charged. Bruce Davis was charged for Hinman and Shea's murder, Clem killed Shea and was released after 13 years and Bill Vance and Larry Baily who helped kill Shea were never even indicted. Manson was convicted of ALL of those murders via conspiracy. Fair? Not even close.

  23. In the book "The Shadoow over Santa Susana" Adam Gorightly writes a lot of nonsense about Charles Manson and his "so called Family." He tries his best to explain Manson as a mystical adept, a magican, a trickster, a well connected though and an unwitting intelligence agent, and so on. However he makes some remarkable and correct conclusions about the trial and the sentence and the prosecutor Vincent Bugliousi´s actions during the trial: Let me cite some of this.
    The question persists: Did Manson actually instruct his followers to carry out `Helter Skelter`in the form of Hinman/Tate/La Bianca? Of this there is reasonable doubt. Even if there is any substance to Bugliosi´s Helter Skelter scenario, Manson would only be guilty of conspiracy, or accessory to murder, at worst. Some contend that Bugliosi invented `Helter Skelter`merely to promote his own career because the `copy-cat`scenario did not implicate Charlie enough.
    "Circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy convicted Manson,"
    Bugliosi has in recent times admitted, and has gone on record stating that he hadn´t completely put all the pieces of his Helter-Skelter hypothesis together during the trial, but due to time constraints it was the best theory, so he ran with it.
    In his biography, Tex Watson claims-that during, the heyday of Helter Skelter-he placed himself entirely at the mercy of Manson. Watson while under Manson´s purported spell, belived Charlie to be the honest-to god resurrection of Jesus Christ. So completely was he a beliver in Charlie Christ, says Watson, he was willing to do anything for his mad messiah, even murder. Such was his total and encompassing love. This, in essence, was the procecution´s postion, wich Bugliosi presented. Conversly-during Tex´s murder trial-Bugliosi sang a different tune, convicting Watson of the Tate/LaBianca murders sans the ´Helter Skelter` motive, instead proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Tex at the time of the murders, was not under any form of mindcontrol, and was totally culpable for his actions.

  24. Have any of you read "Crucified: The Railroading Of Charles Manson" by Michael White? Excellent book in my opinion.

  25. RolemodelsfordummiesDecember 10, 2010 at 6:26 AM

    Manson NEVER told Charles Tex Watson to kill anyone at the Cielo Drive House.

    This is even proven when Manson tells Geraldo that when Sadie came back to the ranch after the murders and told him about what happened, Manson said to her, "You dumb cunt, you just sent me back to prison".

    In other words, Manson's own words confirm that he did not expect that murder was to be done up at Cielo Drive.

    I've said this many many times to these self proclaimed "Scholars", but their minds have been so poisoned by Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter" that they just cannot see. They only see what they've been brainwashed into seeing.

    Cielo Drive was a Charles Tex Watson Operation all the way.

  26. Ackording to FBI profiler John Douglas who interview Charles Manson, said that: "Charles Manson never had any intention to start some kind of race war, what happened was that Manson lost control of the group."
    I think that the experienced John Douglas words carry "great weight" contrary to Vincent Bugliosis imaginative concoction.

  27. FREE MANSON NOW!!! He never killed anyone

  28. I believe Charles Manson is innocent and should be released. Saying that, I have a question. What would happen to him if he were released? Where would he go? I know that a lot of people in America hate him, so much so that his life would be in danger probably anywhere in the United States. Would he have to go to another country, or is anywhere in the world even safe for Charles Manson? I'd like to know.

  29. These three reasons alone should have been, and still should be, just cause for a mistrial in the Manson case:
    # 1. Prosecuting Attorney Aaron Stovitz violated a federal gag order on the case three months into the trial. Stovitz was then replaced by Vincent Bugliosi. (who by the way was later brought up on charges of perjury FOR VIOLATING A GAG ORDER just as Stovitz and years later when Stovitz was interviewed he said that he believed that Charles Manson had an unfair trial!!)
    #2. A juror stole one of the Sharon Tate death photos and sold it to a European tabloid magazine. The juror was not excused and the trial went on. The juror should have been excused and immediately prosecuted for this stunt but never was!!
    #3. Charles Manson was given a newspaper with the headlines “Nixon Declares Manson Guilty” which the jury saw. This alone should have been grounds for a mistrial, but none of the jurors were excused and the trial went on.

    Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson and many others walked free on 1/10 of the evidence they used to send Charles Manson to the gas chamber and when i think about all the people with actual blood on their hands who were actually convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping etc... did minimal time & released to kill again but yet Manson sits in a concrete cell for the past 43 years on a crime that at most carries a maximum sentence of 19 years...MAX!! MANSON IS A SCAPEGOAT & USED TO MAKE THE BUG A VERY WELL KNOWN, RICH PUBLIC FIGURE. Without Manson Bug would've been just another minimum wage public servant!

  30. Ex-cons are not allowed to leave the country which is sad though. I'd have recommended him living somewhere in europe, probably somewhere with a lot of forest. Though I think he'd rather live out in the desert somewhere with his friends.

  31. He is a very interesting and intelligent man who has sadly lived most of his life in a 6x9 cell. he didnt murder anyone and this goes to show how sick and twisted the goverment is. if only there were peace or tables turned. this is our so called free country.

  32. Free Manson. Corrupt system..

  33. Hello C.M. Supporters; I have lived most of my life w/the awareness of the name, Charles Manson. My understanding of Mr. Manson's imprisonment is little, other than his unchanged claim of innocence. I would not want to learn that an innocent person was locked up for 40 years. Releasing Mr. Manson would be major news...The man is a celebrity. Even at the age he is now, I would hope he could be freed (as innocent or guilty and penalty paid) and use his celebrity status for a positive movement. I could see him as a guess on America's Most Wanted and other talk shows. But, if I could offer a motion to help the world see a different Charles Manson, I would suggest he could speak out against violence and crime. I could see him visiting communities around the nation promoting a day of peace; a day without violence; a day without a crime. Mr. Manson generally speaks from the middle of separate concepts, but what would he say to the idea of taking an absolute position and leading such a campaign. He's not the Dali Lama, but that's part of the point. It would definitely show him in a different reality than everyone knows. Thank you for the opportunity to blog my thoughts. I am very curious as to what C.M. would think. Respectfully, FAMOUS

  34. I live in the uk and if someone had asked me 3 days ago,"who is charles manson I would have replied oh he was some serial killer from the usa wasn't he.

    How wrong was I??

    How far the mis information had spread that a person who knew nothing about the man could believe, in his own mind, a mind he thought to be free as yours is star, that charles manson was a killer.

    It goes to show the power this lie has that it can spread, like a disease, in to the minds of people who believe and follow in the footsteps of charles' spirit.

    I am shocked after watching the unedited interviews with him that people still believe he is guilty of anything other than being an enlightened soul.

    Personally his interviews have answered a lot of questions in my mind as to why the establishment are so keen to ensure that the lie continues.

    They can't handle his words, they sure couldn't handle his music. !!

    I will write my letter as best as I can. Anything else I am

    Love, light and happiness

  35. Is there any evidence apart from the statements of murderers that Charles Manson told them to kill people? Doesnt seem like enough to lock a man up his entire life

  36. For the sake of an argument. Weather manson told someone to do it or not. Since when are we responsible for the actions of others. He definately didnt get a fair trial. Even Nixon stated in a newspaper he was guilty at the beginning of the trial. the media used him for ratings and money. I am definately for his release but it sounds like he doesnt want out. Also what will he do or go. the guy has been in prison for how long? What a screwed up system?

  37. Charles manson is a great profound man!

  38. michael woolingtonMay 23, 2013 at 6:53 AM